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We over six million used books at any given time for sale. In addition to our core retail business, we offer an unlimited supply of wholesale books. All books have been examined for merchantability and are thus in good to excellent condition.They are excellent products for both domestic and international sale. Our extensive distribution network ensures a constant and quality supply of books and media. As with our retail book business, we are committed to offering the best prices on the market.

50,000+ Unique Titles

With 500+ publishers/imprints and an inventory that consists of more than 10-million units, we offer one of the largest selections in the industry.

Daily New Arrivals

We have weekly inbound more than 100 pallets of books and we add an average of 750+ titles to our inventory every day.

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Our vast selection of titles and fast processing times make us a valuable one-stop shop.

Contact us at or on 00911140567437!


Customers may choose books from the following categories:

1. Mass Market Wholesale books

Mostly fiction books.  These paperback books are usually popular books that are pocket sized.  Usually 800-1000 books per gaylord.

2. Trade & Hardback Wholesale books 

Either first edition hardcover or trade back books.  Consists mostly of non-fiction titles, autobiographies, with some fiction.  Usually 600-800 books per gaylord.

3. Overstock Wholesale books

Mix of both Mass Market books and Trade & Hardback books.  These are our most popular titles in inventory.  These books do not have a tracking sticker on the spine.


Books and media are stored and transported in sturdy gaylord boxes that come in many sizes (sometimes measuring up to 48" x 40" x 36"). Every gaylord is placed on a standard shipping pallet.  Each Gaylord contains between 600 and 1600 books depending on the size and binding of the books.  We will gladly recommend shipping companies which we have worked with in the past upon request. Thrift Books accepts all forms of payment. Books are shipped once payment has been received and has cleared the bank.